Sylvie Dear. Forest Lop.


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Sylvie Dear wears a spring floral blouse and matching riding pants. She is a busy, busy little bunny. Sun up to sun down she can be found out in the garden or collecting seeds in the forest or baking up sesame cakes in the kitchen. She can be a bit messy so she loves to wear brightly patterned clothes. She snacks on pumpkin seeds all day long. Sylvie is a black cotton forest lop with black and white ears, bright blue eyes and hand embroidered details, like a wee belly button. 
Sylvie Dear is one of a kind. She is safe for all ages and approximately 16 inches in height. Her apparel is removable and interchangeable. 
Childhood is wild. Childhood is Dear. The Wild x Dear by Fleur + Dot. Accessories, patterns and fun available at

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