Hattie Wild. Meadow Doe.

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Hattie Wild is a dozy little doe who would lounge in her pajamas all day, cuddled up with her stuffed cat and feeling amazingly cozy on her rug and favorite pillows. Hattie's favorite activity, aside from afternoon naps, is telling stories with a friend. She loves a good cup of raspberry tea with honey and a drop of cream. Hattie is a storm grey cotton with a white hand-stitched belly, has beautiful blue embroidered eyes and a little pink belly button. She would love a new nap buddy!

Hattie Wild is handmade and one of a kind and will arrive with her pajamas, stuffed cat, two pillow cases and pillow inserts and cozy crocheted rug. She is safe for all ages and approximately 16 inches in height. Her accessories are recommended for children ages 3 and up. 

Childhood is wild. Childhood is Dear. The Wild x Dear by Fleur + Dot. Accessories, patterns and fun available at TheWildandDear.com.

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