Iona Wild. Meadow Doe.


Sold Out

Iona Wild is up for adoption from The Wild x Dear. Iona (Eye-Oh-Nah) wears a watercolor print skirt with floral pocket and hand knit leg warmers. Iona would spend every moment dancing ballet if she could. Her pocket often holds little treasures, such as heart shaped rocks or seashells. Iona's favorite dessert is crème brûlée with extra cinnamon. She is a rare white doe with a bit of fuchsia, has emerald green embroidered eyes and a little pink belly button. She would love a little one to dance with!

Iona Wild is handmade and one of a kind. She is safe for all ages and approximately 16 inches in height. Her skirt and hand knit leg warmers are removable. 

Childhood is wild. Childhood is Dear. The Wild x Dear.

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