Birdie Wild. Forest Lop.

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Birdie Wild wears a navy skirt with wee hearts and an oversized bow. She is a knitting fiend and never puts her little needles down. She will arrive with her favorite outfit, three balls of yarn, "knitting needles," a wee nest and her friend Trubie. Trubie flutters around Birdie while she knits singing her sweet tunes. Birdie's favorite meal is a large bowl of pasta with fresh diced tomatoes. Bigger is best - she always shares with Trubie. Birdie is a light grey cotton lop with bright green embroidered eyes and a pink embroidered belly button. She would love to knit you up some fun!

Birdie Wild is handmade and one of a kind. She is recommended for ages 5 and up due to her accessories and is approximately 16 inches in height. Her bow and skirt are removable. 

Childhood is wild. Childhood is Dear. The Wild x Dear by Fleur + Dot. Accessories, patterns and fun available at

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