Blouse of the Month CLUB | Exclusive Seasonal Cotton Shirts for Girls

$190.00 $216.00

Blouses with Bows + Blouses with Collars + Blouses with Pockets. Short sleeve or long sleeve or puff sleeve or sleeveless... 

Each month of your membership in the Blouse of the Month Club, you will receive a surprise, seasonal blouse only available through our membership club! 

Order by the 15th of any month to receive your first blouse by the 15th of the next month.

FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders + BIG DISCOUNTS:

  • 3 months/12% discount  ///  Retail value $216 
  • 6 months/16% discount  ///  Retail value $432 
  • 12 months/21% discount  ///  Retail value $864

PLEASE NOTE: The Blouse of the Month Club is currently only available for shipping addresses within the DOMESTIC US ONLY due to international shipping costs. International clients may participate, but will be billed $22 a month in shipping costs. This shipping cost covers any and all monthly Fleur + Dot clubs you join. 

You may order a membership in our Blouse of the Month Club at any time. Your first shipment will vary based on your initial order date.  You may change your desired size one time during your membership to the next size up, and your address at any time prior to a shipment being mailed. No cancelations or refunds available once membership has been purchased. 

Available in sizes 18-24 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6, 7 and 8. 

100% cotton of the highest quality. Garment is not preshrunk.

No additional discounts may be applied. 

Blouses shown are not the blouses you will receive, but samples of designs.

Fleur + Dot. For the love of handmade childhoods.

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